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Are you selling or helping?

Our June 24th Post was titled: "It was a great party, until…" (review post here) It attracted some thoughtful comments. My friend Rob submitted this comment: "People who advertise without connecting to the group are just another version of spamming. Many Facebook groups forbid it and will oust...

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Jessica struggles alone…

Nancy doesn’t like others “fixing” her, so she uses care after Jessica’s lengthy vent. Instead, Nancy asks three simple questions explaining that she wants to respect Jessica and not intrude.

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It was a great party, until…

Now, imagine a room full of people enjoying themselves while standing around and visiting in small groups. Suddenly, a new person loudly enters the area—interrupting the groups, taking over conversations, and challenging people to buy their new product.

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Crawl, Die, Struggle, Fly!

Caterpillar Larvae Butterfly Success is not always apparent. Butterflies are caterpillars and larvae first. They crawl, Then they "die" in their own self-made cocoon (we've all done that!). Next, they wake up and struggle in the dark for a long time. Finally, they emerge and the beautiful...

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Communication Muscle.

My short Shapes Video will give you a ton of insight into yourself and others. Have fun. (if the link doesn't work please copy and paste this URL: I'd love it if you let me know you stopped by. Please leave a highlight-insight in the comment section below. I will...

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Write. Short!

Writing matters more nowadays. How to keep goldfish and humans interested? Be brief, interesting, and watch this CRAZY video! Best re-Arghs, Cap'n John P.S. Please, let me know your thoughts. Thank you. P.P.S Yes, it's an ancient YouTube (2015). Don't yell. Not sorry!

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Have a Great Meeting

Community builder, Peter Block, give us three keys to having a great meeting. I made a three-minute video about it. Click HERE (or copy and paste this link: Please reply and let me know: What did you enjoy? Would you like more short videos about leadership and...

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Defy Logic

Headline in USA Today today May 16, 2019: "Tiger Woods defies logic, has shot at winning the PGA" Tiger Woods won the Masters a few weeks ago. Aren't glad Tiger didn't get logical and quit because he was too old, too troubled, or because he'd lost too many times (after winning so many times years...

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Are you Coasting?

Coasting is fun. Downhill skiing and sky diving are great coasting sports and command top dollar.   My dad built a four-wheel steerable coaster (he called it a “chug”) for fourth-grade-me when I lived in Redding, California—lots of hills there. My friends and I had a blast coasting. Coasting...

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