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Being Human Beings

Perfection Perfection is mean. It's almost non-existent too unless we label imperfection as "perfect" which may be a great idea. Are you mad at yourself? Or, at others? And, is anyone mad at you? Sadly, as we conceive perfection in work, play, life, and relationships, we can become quite...

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Coach Parker's Awesome CTFF Leaders Cohort 2019 He-He-Bo-Mo! Everyone looked at me and each other like I was crazy, but then, it clicked. In the end-of-class evaluations, some even wrote that He-He-Bo-Mo was their highlight! He-He-Bo-Mo: Head + Heart + Body + Mouth. Monitor these in that order...

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Still Waters…

I am intrigued about being still. I believe we live in an anxious world with lots of concerns and attempts to distract and divert from those concerns…

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Overcome Writer’s Block

Thank you, Calvin and Hobbs! We had fun learning to overcome writer's block in Business Writing class recently. We took steps to how to get the random words and ideas in our heads our on paper and convert them into a work of art....

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