Is it good or bad or somewhere in between?

Mom, and her three sisters, my Auntie Helen, Auntie Ginia, and Auntie Becky, could all talk at once, all the time, and do just fine.  I don’t remember any of them getting upset about it.

Such interrupting became a part of my Wonder Years training.   I thought it was normal.

I’m less convinced of it’s value nowadays because I’ve met folks who have a very hard time with interrupting and being interrupted.  They lose their train of thought, or flustered, and may even quit talking.  I’m one of them at times these days.

When facilitating meetings one of my jobs is to slow down the interruptions that get too far out of line, too frequent, or too blantantly disregard someone else and so on.  On the other hand there are times when some of Mom and the Aunties’ Battle of the Banter style interruptinggets deeper, honest, or creative  juices flowing.

Still, when folks are interrupting others it suggests to me that they are:

1. Not listening to the other person.
2. Not valuing, tolerating, or validating the other person.
3. Stuck on the talk happening in their own head.
4. Anxious to be heard because one fear or another.

What do you think?