Getting Things Undone! Yes!

Today is garbage day. We take the garbage out to the front to get picked up.

Also, we have amazing bodily functions that allow us to enjoy food and then let the garbage go—I’m being alimentary! Lol!

For those of us that are attracted to getting things done (not everyone, but lots of us), we pick up a lot of extra things as we’re getting things done—inner garbage and waste.

We are not meant to carry or cover up the garbage as we hasten toward getting more things done. We do better to take some time to discover and collect the garbage then take it outside for pickup.

What’s your best method?

What’s your best method for taking out your inner garbage? I like setting aside a quiet time to intentionally slow down enough to be aware of my thoughts and my feelings—both my feelings about my thoughts and my thoughts about my feelings. (Huh? Try reading that again.)

If I slow down enough to recognize fear, confusion, anger, and doubt, dread, pride, conceit, illusions, and disillusions and such then I can ask myself about their sources.

I often find that I’m being pummeled by the wind and the waves of my own or others’ beliefs about perceived success and failure; perceived abundance or lack thereof, and so on. Then I can think about it and make tactical choices to sail forward.

The psychological word catharsis comes to mind. It has to do with “getting things off one’s chest,” as it were. It may be helpful to be “regular” about this! LOL!

Here’s to Getting Things Undone!

Best re-Arghs,

Cap’n John

John Parker, M.A., V.S.C.

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