Cap’n Coach John Parker

Our very own, Cap’n Coach John Parker, VSC (Virtual Sea Cap’n), received a shipload of great comments after his two Saturday morning presentations for the California Teaching Fellows Foundation attended by over 200 Teaching Fellows (100+ per each 1-hour session).

California Teaching Fellows are fully-trained college students who serve as role models, tutors, and activity leaders supporting expanded learning programs for school districts and at school sites with K-12 students.

The Teaching Fellow participants who attended either one of Cap’n Coach John’s virtual events “entitled “Taming Stress with Powerful Peace” were asked:

What did you find most valuable about the presenter’s approach or content?
The energy diversion methods
His energy to present the slides.
the sheets provided
The different coping skills!
Everything he taught! Great coach
loved his attitude
Speaking about the hypothalamus was very interesting
I think his quotes and his motivation we very valuable
Internal and external discourse.
everything it helped me out a lot
I liked the breakdown of how stress is caused and how we can relieve it.
His Humor
The presenter was passionate about what he was talking about, he provided resources to read outside of the workshop.
He had lots of energy and was very passionate about his topic.
The most valuable thing i learned was the fun energy that was given.
The slides
I love the technical details he shared about the brain, it was super interesting!!
I learned so much about the hypothalumus and great ways to relieve stress!
Very optimistic and great approach with presenting
The most valuable was his saying of “changing your language changes your life”. It really stood out for me
I really like how is very informative and has a lot of energy/funny!
“arrrrrgghhhh” he was very funny
They were enthusiastic about their topic.
All the important information he gave out.
very energetic
we are all humans and stress is normal.
They way he engages with the audience, always asking/answering questions and personal experience to tell/help others.
I think the most valuable was the on-hand experience John had to share.
To be aware
To have authority to remove thoughts
And affirmations
And taking control of your own life
The Coach was very informative and positive.
Breaking traumas as an individual
I found that the presenter gave very great advice on how to manage stress through your body. Very inspirational!
Taking direction in your own life
The presenters energy kept me engaged and the humor in the zoom meeting.
The physical symptoms in the body.
Ways to manage our stress and the a lot of the physical symptoms start in our brain and essentially we make ourselves sick.
Stress and experience
I found the stresses and alarms from the helpful and the copying skills I loved the energy in this workshop
He had the best energy to help me stay engaged.
I found the way we can deal with our stress and how accepting he was.
The fact that we’re all battling the same problems
Learning in depth about stress.
That it is important to keep a positive mind set because that affects your emotions and even sometimes the outcome
Just seeing your not alone in feeling and thoughts
I found that the most valuable thing I learned in this presenters workshop was ways on how to reduce stress and cope with it a little better.
He is very energetic.
I found the enthusiasm and mental stimulant valuable.
What I found valuable was the presenter speaking about their own life experience and just them being an inspiration.
I liked everything
The most valuable approach and content is coach John making his connection of his own life to health, affirmations, breathing exercises and more.
What I found most valuable is the amount of syndrome we tend to have when we are stressed. The affirmations he gave us was inspiring.
I found that he presented options in how to stay positive and in ways he does.
The presenter was very exciting and woke the crowd up.
His energy keep me engaged with the conversation and what he was discussing was very interesting as well.
Made the energy fun
The breathing exercises.
I found the factors towards the end most valuable because I really need to work on my P factor, I struggle with taking care of myself so those ideas of what I can do will help.
Learning how to deal with Stress and to take breaks when needed.
I loved his enthusiasm towards his audience. He even put a theme to his presentation, which I thought was pretty neat.
I really enjoyed how he embraced the Captain and Admiral roles. It really added onto his presentation. He was also very interactive with us.
His fun attitude, it wasn’t a boring lecture. He was very interactive with us watching and was very humorous as well.
Real life experiences
The presenter’s approach was to concentrate and focused breathing calming exercises.
What i liked about the content that was presented was the information given
The presenter’s approach was very enthusiastic and energetic. I could tell he knew what he was talking about and has a passion for it.
His mindset, positivity, and general energy. I like that he talked about the science and anatomy behind stress.
The part where I found it the most valuable was when he was telling us ways we can work to relieve the stress we may have.
he was passionate about what he was talking about
how to manage and relief from stress.
What’s most valuable about this presenter’s approach is dealing with stress and improving my mental health.
I loved the presenters he’s always exciting to hear about. I loved the affirmations he gave as well as showing us breathing tecuniques. He’s an awesome person!! Can’t wait for the next one.
I felt that following along and listening to coach John talk about his experiences with his doctor.
I liked how engaged it felt braking away from generational trauma and how deep he dived into it. I also liked the consistent upbeat attitude and talking about connection of speaking to our body.
I liked that at the beginning he shared with us the document he was going to show us during his time. I liked the feature he showed us on zoom for us to annotate on the document. Overall, everything was amazing I got to learn cool tips when it comes to relieving stress. Coach John was a fun person to learn from.
I found the humorous approach and upbeat energy throughout the presentation.
I appreciate that Cap’n John Parker was very easy going and funny. The segment of the meeting on parts of your brain regarding your hypothalamus and its ability to maintain your body’s homeostasis was very enlightening to me. I’ve learned that I need to manage my stress better and one of the easiest ways to do this is the one way I always seem to easily forget, which is by proper breathing I’m glad that coach Parker took the time with us to do breathing exercises.
I love his energy and how he explained that if you are stressed about something your body will react to it
What I found most valuable was the interaction through Zoom. We got to annotate the documents together which I thought was cool and something new. I also enjoyed Coach John’s enthusiasm. He also made us feel comfortable by reminding us that we did not need to share out loud and I liked that especially for those who get stressed out when having to speak amongst others.
What I found most valuable about John Parker’s presentation today was the educational side of it. He taught me terms I had forgotten about and definitions I needed to really understand the educational side of stress. I took lots of notes down especially one of his affirmations “Change your language, change your life.”
Mr. Parker had great things to say like “Change your language, change your life.” I also liked how he had us practice our breathing to where it can help us calm our bodies. I also found it interesting about stress and how it can lead to infection, disease, and even death.
Change your language, Change your life. Overall, entire session.
John was amazing! loved his attitude and was very invoved with us kept us entertained. He talked about so many things that I can use in my daily life especially with being stressed about school.
Very understandable
I really enjoyed the presenter’s personality he was funny and entertaining to hear. He offered a lot of great advice and tips to dealing with stress and anxiety
What did you find most valuable about the presenter’s approach or content?
I really enjoyed how this speaker opened up about himself which allows us to get to know him more. He also opened up the session with asking us how we could feel more comfortable with participating. I liked that a lot because personally going into a session you don’t know anything and he had a very positive attitude.
having the information and examples of how this is a problem
How we could coach ourselves to do better for ourselves
ways to combat stress and coach yourself in positive mechanisms
Very energetic
Skills to help ourselves and positive affirmations.
All the information
I really liked the positive outlook in his speech on life.
I learned so much
Understanding stress and techniques to handle them
Very helpful
How to be able to relieve stress and do some of the actvities.
Went into depth about how we could do better when we are feeling stressed.
His enthusiasm
He was awesome and very engaging!!
He was awesome very engaging!!
being told how to better manage stress.
Everything!! I loved listening to him
He was very motivating
Very entertaining
His energy! He was amazing!
How we can work on our stress.
how engaging it was
Teaching me how to look at the positive and helping me learn how to understand stress.
I like how we talk about stress. And how the group of friends we hang out with can affect our stress.
I loved his personality and enthusiasm, it really kept me engaged.
going into depth, understanding where our stress is coming from understadning what is in our brain to fix it. also, he is LITERALLY SPEAKING IN CAPS ahah, i loved it.
going into depth, understanding where our stress is coming from, and understanding what is in our brain to fix it. also, he is LITERALLY SPEAKING IN CAPS ahah, i loved it.
Funny and engaging
He was super energetic and wasn’t afraid to be a little silly to lighten the mood.
the presenter was very educated on the topic.
Ways we can relieve stress and anxiety
I really like that he gave us a handout to follow through and take notes.
He was very happy and excited to help and teach us.
The captain presented awesome information I honestly am glad that I came I learned a lot from him
I really enjoyed when he mentioned how everyone gets stressed. He was also really positive.
I enjoy how interactive he was with us ,
It allowed the zoom meeting to be fun and interesting
His energy was everything! Kept me very interested!
Being able to understand stress and the different parts it affects and how to work through it.
I absolutely loved the enthusiasm and energy. He really was engaging and full of energy. He had great examples for his topic and how to handle stress.
His energy and reminding to keep having quiet time that it is important that we have time to distress
I found the personal group as well as friends segment most helpful.
he’s cool. gave good examples for decreasing stress
I found that he gave great real-life experiences regarding stress and how to help us manage it.
He was really into the topic
Learning to cope with stress
I found how the presenter approached us with jokes and made us feel very welcome even though this topic can be hard for some.
All the information was useful to take a moment and destress
Very helpful his energy was very welcoming and tips on stress
How enthusiastic and loud he is he seems like he is confident in his work life for sure and his personal life
I loved how he showed us to take care of ourselves and our emotions. He also taught us how our friend groups matter we need to surround ourselves we people who care and want to and are willing to listen to our problems without any judgment. overall loved how enthusiastic he was, he made this session great.
I like the different types of things we can do to reduce stress.
I just like the way he was so enthusiastic throughout the whole Zoom! I really enjoyed listening to him talk about the friendships around us and how we should be surrounded by positivity.
I loved how he showed us to take care of ourselves and our emotions. He also taught us how our friend groups matter we need to surround ourselves we people who care and want to and are willing to listen to our problems without any judgement. overall loved how enthusiastic he was, he made this session great.
I loved the content it was extremely helpful but his approach was phenomenal, I loved his energy it was incredibly engaging.
I loved the content it was extremely helpful but his approach was phenomenal, I loved his energy it was incredible engaging.
One thing that I found the most admirable was the coach’s positivity to express and discuss difficult topics like anxiety and depression. The tips to try to relax ourselves and continue with life.
He was great! He gave so much information for us to use. His energy was amazing!
The way he talked about ways you can get out of the stress you have by using the personal, group, or friendship factor.
One thing that I found the most admirable was the coach’s positivity in expressing and discussing difficult topics like anxiety and depression. The tips to try to relax ourselves and continue with life.
I found that I really enjoyed the speaker’s enthusiasm and overall energy which made it much easier to listen to and pay attention
I like that he broke down a lot of what he was talking about so we could have a complete understanding of what he was talking about.
Very engaging and enthusiastic
I love how enthusiastic Coach John was during his presentation. He kept me engaged and I learned a lot about how we can deal with stress and react to it.
his methods on how to relieve anxiety
The presenter was very energetic, and he really went into depth about certain concepts. He was also very funny and made sure that we engaged.
This was my first time in one of his workshops and he was a great presenter. He explained everything well and what I found valuable was the worksheets. The worksheets contain many good information I can take to my site. Great presenter!
He provided a lot of reassurance which I liked. I also like his enthusiasm and his experiences. He also encouraged feedback and participation
His upbeat attitude throughout the presentation made the content more welcoming and easy to take in.
The enthusiasm.
Loved his energy and how he made the presentation fun and engaging.
How to be unstressed and how to take care of ourselves.
He was so relatable to my personal life at the moment. I would actually love to have a conversation with him.
Tips to manage stress and the reminders to give ourselves grace. Presenter was very positive and enthusiastic.
Tips to manage stress and the reminders giving ourselves grace. Presenter was very positive and enthusiastic.
I liked the examples of how to deal with stress.
I really enjoyed Coach John. He’s funny, informative, very energetic. Very positive & definitely one of the BEST Coaches ever!!! Highly recommended!!! Would love to attend another one of his presentations!!!
I loved everything about this workshop! I loved his energy and how he made us feel comfortable. I would definitely like for him to be in more workshops, I would recommend him.
I found the presenter’s way of explaining good examples on how to handle stress and anxiety
One of the things I appreciated from Cap’n John was that he mentions multiple ways of reliving stress he gave us multiple examples like taking it out for doing something that distracts you, another thing was that he mention was positive friendships are huge!
I found the lecture very informative and fun to learn. I found his enthusiasm very motivational and interesting. I also enjoyed the psychological lesson on stress.
teaching the kids different ways to help them calm down
I valued everything Coach John said! He was an amazing presenter and life coach who is very enthusiastic about helping others.
I found that the most valuable thing about the presenter’s approach was that he was very enthusiastic about the topic which made me more intrigued on the topic.
I absolutely love Coach John’s high energy and how he had us engage with stamps on his shared screen.
I loved his approach and his positivity
We both had a small conversation that pertained to a personal experience that connected to his presentation. I really like his presentation
very engaging
His energy, the engagement, and the handout that I can refer back to.
it explained well on stress and gave examples to how and why it is.
I found his energy and his positive attitude towards wanting to help others very valuable. I really enjoyed being in Coach John’s session today. I would like to join another one of his workshops if I have the opportunity.
Everything especially when he said, talk to your pain; and it is true because I do that and it helps.
I absolutely LOVED the approach Coach John gave during his entire session. He really made sure we were all included in the learning process, his approach made me personally feel comfortable in not only what was being discussed but in engaging in the overall conversation.
I like all the information about how to deal with the stress and anxiety.
All the helpful details and ways to help and deal with stress
I liked how he helped us better understand our own stress and how to deal it. The advice he gave on how to handle it was very interesting to me.