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John’s Three Pack Success Special!

Cap’n John says, “Enjoy my favorite success breakthrough book:

21 Awesome “Arghs!” for Balancing Your Life and Work!  And I’ll autograph it! ARGH!

Plus, enjoy of my two Commuter University CD’s (1 hour each)

CD 1 — Stress Management 101   

CD 2 — Motivating Yourself and Others

Only $29.95  (plus tax and shipping)


 Book only

SEALEGS FOR SUCCESS –  21 Awesome “Arghs!”
for Balancing Your Life and Work!   “Signed by John”

Individual CD’s

CD 1 — Stress Management 101  $12.95  (plus tax and shipping)

CD 2 — Motivating Yourself and Others  $12.95 (plus tax and shipping)


“Sealegs for Success is a handbook of wisdom for all ages.”  — Maria Robinson, Instructor and Facilitator, University of California Davis Center for Human Services

“Sealegs for Success is a life changing book for anyone wanting strong sea legs to navigate the challenges of organizational life and be a successful leader.”  —Linda S. Jacobs, Leadership Development Program Instructor and Co-founder, University of California Davis Center for Human Services

Sealegs Leadership Styles
Personality Assessment


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