Complimentary Explorations

Executive Strategy Mapping

What does success look like for your next year? Participate in Parker’s complimentary 50-minute interview. Stimulate creativity, identify obstacles, and develop an effective strategy for future victories.

Listening Tour

Prove to your staff that you are listening. Here’s how. Choose up to five staff to participate individually by phone in this confidential and complimentary survey. Survey responses are carefully summarized (to protect participants’ identity and highlight key input) for review by your decision-makers for staff-assisted improvements.


Professional Development Adventures

Successful Change Adventure

Often positive change gets resisted, sabotaged, and stopped because of trying to lead it alone or from the top-down. Initiate surefire steps to create urgency and build a guiding coalition of key staff with a clear vision toward your targeted change.

Employee Engagement Adventure

Want more employee buy-in toward company mission, vision, and values? Discover and develop staff spark plugs and empower them to fire up the staff toward enthusiastic engagement that lasts.

Customer Service Success Adventure

Use the power of small group interaction and support for developing great customer and co-worker service excellence.

Strategic Improvement Adventure

Get your departments communicating together for business quality improvement. Become a continuously learning organization that solves problems and dreams big.


Enlist John Parker’s Navigational Skills


Team or executive coaching draws out the greatest potential only if it is consistent and collaborative.


Rather than wasting time and checking the boxes why not supercharge meeting productivity? Free your leaders to share, synergize and succeed.


“The only thing worse than training people and losing them is not training them and keeping them.” – Zig Ziglar


Have John motivate your team for you! He’ll turn your ideas into fresh inspiration giving your vision a new voice while you reap the rewards.


Building safe opportunities for gathering key information and evaluating effectiveness through polls, interviews, surveys, and focus groups.


Build and train in metrics for tracking SMART goals and maximizing staff performance. Key for proactive employee evaluations and performance coaching.