“Motivating Yourself and Others”


Buy-in, engagement, motivation.   

What makes a team tick and what ticks them off?  

Is authenticity important and how can it be developed? 

What about broken promises and consequent distrust, can these be addressed and repaired?   How can motivation happen without manipulation?  How can motivation and enthusiasm be sustained?  

John Parker addresses these questions with insights and answers that will increase trust, teamwork, and intrinsic motivation—which is the best kind!

Participants in this LifeShop  will gain skills for:

  • Discovering Sources of Motivation
  • Developing  Skills for Staying Motivated
  • Determining Strategies for Motivating Others


  • Discovering Sources of Motivation
  • Connecting with your Motivators
  • Motivating Yourself through Self Awareness
  • Steps toward Powerful Self-Management
  • Staying Steady around De-motivators
  • Connecting to Motivate Others
  • Building Trust and Collaboration

Outcomes: Participants will gain new strategies for successfully:

  • Staying Encouraged
  • Motivating Self and Others
  • Building a Stronger Team


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