“Being Effective with Difficult People”


“Being Effective with Difficult People”

What do you do with those difficult people at your work place? You know,  the ones who won’t cooperate, who have a different agenda, who dominate, manipulate,  control or intimidate. 

“Dealing with Difficult People”  LifeShop  gives participants a  deeper understanding of the “ difficult ones”  and how to work with them calmly, positively, and successively.  


  • Identifying your very own difficult ones
  • Personality styles and how to recognize them
  • Understanding my own  pressure points and  triggers
  • Techniques for handling  interpersonal challenges
  • Handling emotional behavior

Outcomes:  Participants will be:

  • Encouraged as they gain understanding about why people do what they do.  
  • Empowered to proactively handle interpersonal  difficulties.
  • Equipped for better team participation and collaboration.


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