“Success Over Stress”


John Parker’s Quick Start stress fighting LifeShop — “Success Over Stress”  examines stress theory and presents techniques to help reduce negative stress and develop skills for better stress management.

Ground-breaking  concepts will bring instant stress reduction to participants.   Stress no longer has to be passively received.  It can be proactively addressed and reduced with the simple steps that  John reveals.   Participants delight over the positive outcomes they experience during this cutting edge, practical, down-to-earth LifeShop.


  • Recognizing stressors and proactively lessening stress
  • Responding to stress actively instead of passively
  • Identifying signs of stress and burnout
  • Developing healthy support networks
  • Developing and maintaining resiliency
  • Using stress related emotions positively

Outcomes:  Participants will be:

  • empowered to address stress proactively through concepts and coping skills
  • more aware of where stress comes from and how to manage it skillfully.
  • able to develop their own individual stress management plans.

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