“Thriving in the Midst of Change and Chaos”


Change and  Chaos are with us daily.  Little by little they contribute to frustration, stress, and burnout.  Staff morale and organizational productivity are hindered.  Unless we learn to view them as friends not foes.

John Parker’s LifeShop provides turnaround perspectives — providing insights, topics, and tools that will help participants successfully cope and even thrive in the midst of change and chaos.

Participants will gain skills for:

  • Comprehending Chaos—instead of being conquered by it
  • Connecting in the Midst of Chaos—instilling peace instead of panic
  • Collaborating through Chaos—improving solutions in every storm


  • Understanding and thriving in chaos
  • Anticipating and analyzing issue storms
  • Emotions of chaos and how to use them
  • Empowering beliefs, values, and vision
  • Building morale and positive outcomes
  • Collaborating in times of chaos

Outcomes: Participants will receive positive concepts and new strategies for:

  • Creating stability in times of instability
  • Connecting with self and others for better outcomes
  • Calming areas of anxiety and stress


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