Participants Rave!

• “Lots of active participation!”

• “John is the bomb!”

• “Never bored! Learned a lot! Awesome!”

• “I valued everything John gave us. Excellent!”

• “I liked John’s dynamic energy, personality, positive approach.”

• “John was very personable and made the event great. ”

• “I learned a lot about how to deal with stress and change!”

• “Great Presentation! I learned a lot about building trust and about managing myself. ”

• “John’s presentation was very well organized, fast moving, thought provoking, and fun!”

• “Thank you for helping me realize that nothing is so bad that I can’t live through it and overcome it!”

• “Thanks for your great presentation. I feel much better about myself!”

• “I enjoyed John’s very informative presentation so much.”

• “Enjoyed everything about it!”

• “John gave me “permission” to take care of myself and take back my power. ”

• “I liked learning the difference between empathy and sympathy!”

• “I particularly enjoyed the “change mastery” exercise.”

• “I liked the way John involved the entire group during our meeting.”

• “Interesting to hear many things that I have experienced throughout life from someone else.”

• “It’s amazing that you got 128 leaders to stand up and enthusiastically talk like pirates! Arrrgh!!!”

• “John knows his stuff! Great! ”

• “Easily understood and relevant. ”

• “Vast knowledge!”

• “Loved John’s humor! It kept me involved.”

• “John is energetic, knowledgeable, & motivating.”

• “John’s engaging us in activites” was most valuable.

And  Leaders Say…

“John Parker…

• Gets us working together.”

• Is trustworthy and insightful.”

• Asks start-think questions.”

• Is an excellent facilitator.”

• Draws out our best.”